The Process

With restoration work, we painstakingly strip signs down to a workable subsurface, then begin rebuilding the sign to a brand-new condition.

Here we did wrap work on a van that needed repairs. We were left with a tiny part of the original image that we had to work from. Lined up the new graphics with it perfectly. Wraps? Yeah we got you covered.

Carved signs with 23Krt Gold leaf. A labor of love. Nothing more satisfying than bringing one of these signs to life.

No matter how big or small the job is, attention to details is always key. Lining up the posts to be level and square to each other makes all the difference.

I originally made this sign 9 years prior to the restore work. The sign sits under a large tree that likes to drop pitch on it. I always say to bring us your old, tired and weary signs and let us restore them for you. 


Restoration work on a sun and weather exposed sign